Cardiff’s vintage boutiques speak-up

Rock-a-billys and the elegant. Acid House to the charity rework. 1920′s deco vs the 1940′s delicate and all under one roof. Cardiff has many hidden vintage-boutiques, The Lady is a Revamp asked what they’d like an online community to provide:

Lady Love Bug, Womanby Street 

“I think people need a place where they can learn how to maintain and take care of their vintage, I don’t have a lot of advice myself but people should know how to look after classic leather jackets and fur coats”

ROCK-OLA, Womanby Street

“Fashion has done a full circle, in vintage anything goes so that helps us set trends. Custom t-shirt designs and embroidery is in, a place where people could learn to create their own fashion or have access to people who know how to would be cool”

Hubbard’s Cupboard, Castle Arcade  

“There isn’t a walk-by trade for the vintage shops in Cardiff, we are all hidden away in the arcades or on the outskirts. There’s no directory that advertises us well, I think there’s a gap online for that!”

These seemed to be the top 3 responses amongst the handful of people The Lady is a Revamp asked and hopefully some of the things this online community can fulfil.

Thanks for your help guys!


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