INSIDE: Household attics

If the wonders of Womanby Street or the magic inside Hubbard’s Cupboard can’t drag you out into Cardiff’s wet weather this weekend, don’t worry, The Lady is a Revamp has a few tricks up her sleeve.

One of our favourite aspects of vintage is the stories that go behind the pieces, so this weekend why not start your own family tree of fashion and delve into the attic!

We suggest Granddad’s jumper box, Grandma’s Biba collection, Mum’s leopard leather medley and Dad’s denims. They were all trend setters once and you can work these clothes with pride knowing that you’ve inherited them, with permission of course!

You’ll be surprised what you find, plus it paves the way for antique tea and a story telling session on a wet windy afternoon.

Let us know what you discover inside your household’s treasure trove.

Vintage finds from The Lady is a Revamp's attic.

Vintage finds from The Lady is a Revamp’s attic (photo courtesy of Meg Nisbet)


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