Buffalo Boutique give away!

Did you miss the Buffalo Boutique event this month? Fear not! The Lady is a Revamp has a free goodie bag to give away! All you have to do is follow the simple steps below to be in with a chance!

Buffalo Boutique give away

Buffalo Boutique tote bag, Elf cosmetics and organic chocolate (photo courtesy of Buffalo Boutique)

Comment below with your best vintage find, whether it be clothing, accessories or furniture! We will choose the best and the all these goodies will be yours! It’s that simple! Good luck!


9 thoughts on “Buffalo Boutique give away!

  1. I once found an Armani Red coat in Trintiy Hospice Charity, Kings Rd. It is pillar box red with black velvet lapels and big gold buttons in the shape of a lions face. That was an excellent day.

  2. More of an emotional vintage find than an impressive one. My mam thought she lost the first ever piece of jewellery my dad bought for her years ago but when we moved house last year I found it! It’s a delicate, gold little signut ring from the 70s that’s gorgeous and minimal as opposed to a statement piece. Luckily for me it doesn’t fit mother’s sausage fingers anymore and I now wear it almost everyday! 🙂

  3. I have a fantastic mink fur long coat that was left for me by my grandma. I know that wearing fur is a controversial statement but it is such a vintage piece and it means so much to me! I am slightly worried about wearing it out incase it gets paint thrown over it!!

  4. Earlier this year I bought a Jaeger coat from a Dorothy House Hospice Care shop in Bath. It’s forest green colour with gold buttons and epaulettes. It’s made of wool and cashmere. I think it’s probably from the 1980s/ early 90s. It cost me £35. Best find to date!

  5. For my 21st birthday my parent’s gave me the nicest gift I have ever received after re-discovering the item in one of my mother’s many jewellery boxes; the first ring my dad bought for my mum when they were (to use a vintage term) courting. It is a gold band decorated with a single row of daisies, finished with a small diamond in the centre of each flower. Definitely my favourite vintage piece to date. x

  6. Today in the charity shop by Cardiff train station I found a shoe box full of 1950s and 60s Christmas tree decorations for £2.50! What a bargain and they are identical to ones my grandmother had and I use to play with as a child. The nostalgia is flowing today!

  7. My best find was in a local charity store, it was a hand made wool evening jacket. Might not sound a lot to many, but it was made a gentleman’s tailors that had closed over forty years ago from the town where I grew up. The really odd thing was it is totally made for me, the Fit is perfect, which makes me believe that all men from my little town are the same shape as me… Or I’m the same size/shape as them.

  8. I love going abroad for a vintage bargain – the styles can be very different. There is a great Flea Market in Amsterdam, but my best bargain was in a remote village in the south of France where I got three lace blouses for €3 (€1 each!) – the locals thought I was most strange buying “gradma clothes”! They are so beautiful and original too!

  9. Hi guys!

    Thank you all so much for posting your wonderful vintage finds! We loved the intricate details on the coats, the foreign vintage and the shoebox of vintage goodies. BUT… We have made our decision and the winner is…


    Congratulations. We are all for intimate vintage at The Lady is a Revamp, we love vintage that has been passed down through generations. Hereditary vintage that has a story to tell!

    Thank you for sharing it with us. If you private message us your address to theladyisarevamp@gmail.com we’ll get the prize sent straight over to you!

    Thank you to everyone who got involved please follow us on twitter @ladyisarevamp for updates on the city’s hidden gems!


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