AW14 woven at Robyn Coles

Amongst sampling for AW14, showcasing at private appointments in London and Paris and working daily on bespoke pieces at the Cardiff store, Milliner, Robyn Coles is spinning a Welsh accent onto this falls collection.

Model poses in Robyn Coles (photo courtesy of Robyn Coles Millinery)

Model poses in Robyn Coles (photo courtesy of Robyn Coles Millinery)

Inspired by vintage styles and fabrics, Robyn got in contact following our recent blog post, (the future of Welsh woollen mills in an industry of ageing weavers) her latest vision sees a collection woven on an in-store loom: “This fall’s collection will feature home spun tweed, which we will weave from Welsh wool on a table-top four shaft loom,” she says: “We wanted to ask popular mills to produce for us but they couldn’t work so specifically on such small quantities, so we felt that there was no other option than to do it ourselves.”

“Notoriously picky,” Robyn’s final products don’t always follow the ideas she began with. She explains that every piece endures its own little journey as it develops from its original concept: “I cant sign off a final design until it has gone through several stages. Even right up until fashion week I might still wake up in the middle of the night with issues about a certain piece.” She tells us that it takes 18 months of hard work on every collection before the general public even get a look in!

Model poses in Robyn Coles (photo courtesy of Robyn Coles Millinery)

Model poses in Robyn Coles (photo courtesy of Robyn Coles Millinery)

However don’t be fooled, Robyn’s designs are everything but complicated, with a fairly organic mindset and a “lets run with it” attitude, the hats and head pieces at the millinery are modest, elegant and simple: “I do get inspired by vintage styles and fabrics but I like to put modern twists on them and keep the designs very simple and slick,” she says: “Often I re-use vintage silks and crepes to line certain pieces as it’s something that so few do these days.”

She finishes with her thoughts on vintage: “I think it adds a certain je-ne-sais-quoi to the collections.”

Look out for Robyn’s collection using traditional Welsh methods next season, you can also visit the store in the Castle Arcade in Cardiff or visit the website here:


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