The Wales Blog Awards and more

It's not vintage but clothes are clothes! The glamorous rails at a celebrity shoot with the Saturdays!

It’s not vintage but clothes are clothes! The glamorous rails at a celebrity shoot with the Saturdays!

First off – I am sorry for our absence! February and March were months of madness spent interning in London. I was lucky enough to get a place with Fabulous Magazine at the Sun Newspaper, which included Oyster Cards, commutes, celebrity photo shoots and a whole load of writing, so needless to say I was a little overwhelmed. For anybody who wants to know just how overwhelmed you can check out my blog post on: Tips for Scared journos interning in London  on my personal blog! Otherwise, The world’s weirdest sporting events and Five records inspired by celebrity breakups are snippets into the work I did at Fabulous!

Secondly, we, The Lady is a Revamp, have been shortlisted TWICE for the WALES BLOG AWARDS 2014!  It’s a huge honour and we are really excited to be flying the flag for vintage lovers in South Wales. There is a big vintage community in our area, usually hidden away in boutiques, side streets or even online! We are happy that we have been recognised as a hub for that community in Wales and really hope that people want to vote for us, there are actually now only two days left to vote, it is literally just one click and you can access it via this LINK. So please do! The awards night is on the 15th of May at Chapter in Cardiff, you are all welcome to come, tickets are on sale now!

Thirdly, I am now in the final term of my Masters degree. So unfortunately May means exams, presentations and coursework, but I am hoping to blog as much as possible during this time. If you have found any vintage boutiques, are attending any vintage fairs soon or have a love for a vintage Etsy account, let us know and we’ll delve deeper into their story!

The Lady is a Revamp

Thank you for all your support so far, love – The Lady is Revamp x



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